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Relocation file for Emanuel Hospital Expansion urban renewal project as recorded by Portland Development Commission. Statements about individuals, neighborhoods, or the condition of homes were the opinion of the caseworker and may have been motivated by the City of Portland’s goal to relocate or compensate affected residents. Views expressed in these files are not the views of the City of Portland Archives. In adherence with Oregon Public Records law, the following information has been redacted from the relocation files for the Emanuel Hospital Expansion urban renewal project: social security numbers, juvenile police reports, and medical information made by a health professional (physician, nurse, etc.). Some files in the Emanuel Hospital Expansion urban renewal project records have been further redacted beyond what is legally required to protect the privacy of affected families, many of whom are still alive and living in Portland today. Because these files are public record, the information redacted due to privacy concerns can still be viewed onsite in the research room at the Portland Archives and Records Center.

Thursday, June 1, 1972


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