Land Use Review (LUR) Records

CPD-0120 (a)

Series is created to document the applications and decisions in land use cases which require special review.  Records include application, site plans, zoning maps, notifications, reports, final decisions, supporting documents, responses from citizens, interpretations, etc.  If the case has been appealed to Council the record may include appeal and report to Council, Hearings records, Council Documents and acceptance.  Examples of Land Use Review records include Adjustments (ADJ), Alternative Design Adjustments (ADA), Convenience Store Review (CSR), Conditional Use (CU), Design Review (DZ), Greenway Permits, Minor Partitions (MP), Planned Unit Development (PUD), Site Review (SRZ), Historic Landmark Review (HLDZ), Subdivisions (S), Superblock Review (SB), Variance Records (VZ), Zone Changes, Plan Amendments, Revocable Permits, etc. (a) Permanent (includes Minutes, Agendas, and Exhibits); (b) Audio, Video Recordings, retain 1 year after minutes prepared or approved; (c) Exhibits not pertinent to minutes, and Other Records. retain 5 years Other records, as defined by this series, are subject to review by the City Archives prior to destruction

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Active - Schedule has been active since 03/22/2021.