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Wednesday, January 1, 1851

Sunday, December 31, 1916


Annual and special reports of the Mayor (not for all years); reports relating to Council business and to the work of particular Council committees, such as Ways and Means; correspondence relating to public events, such as Independence Day and Rose Parade festivities; invitations extended to the Mayor and Council by public and private organizations; correspondence relating to construction of City Hall (1890's); records relating to City Hall job applicants and employees; records of city involvement in establishing produce markets (reports of inspections of same are filed under Health); records of the operation of the city's free employment bureau; and records of city acquisition of property. Items of special note in this classification include: a petition of Portland residents for protection from an expected attack by a local Indigenous tribe, 1856; documents relating to what were apparently the first official efforts to measure weather in Portland, 1870; census of Portland by ward and race, 1879; several documents relating to the erection of the Skidmore Fountain, 1885 and 1888; a proposal that an office of City Milk Inspector be created, 1892; and a report summarizing the history of the City Hall project to date, 1893. Further notable documents include: report of a City Council committee on alleged denigration by a Council member of blacks, Chinese and Scandinavians, 1893; an ordinance regulating bicycle usage in Portland, 1895; a petition from a number of Portland's black citizens asking the city for employment, 1896; a letter from the Oregon Historical Society detailing the state of their collections, 1902; a folder of records on planning for a visit of President Theodore Roosevelt to Portland, 1903; a petition from black citizens protesting the showing of a play, the Clansmen, 1908; a proposal by the East Side Businessmens' Club to tear down the Pioneer Post Office and locate a public auditorium on the site, 1914; and reports of the local Board of Motion Picture Censors , indicating the kinds of films thought to be objectionable, 1916. SPINDEX |D 80 01 00 STEVE |D 89 06 22 |T 15:32:39 AUDITOR, Council Documents Series I