Archival Photo Folder

City Water Tanks

Monday, November 16, 1970



Includes: N. Alma and Willamette, Burlingame, Sam Jackson, Portland Heights Nos. 1 and 2, Council Crest, SW 19th and Canby, Sam Jackson pump station, Marquam No. 1, Marquam No. 2, Westwood, 19th and Prescott, Whitwood High, NW Monte Vista, Saltsman Tank, Linnton, Willbridge Low, Mayfair, N. Denver and Going, Bertha, N Willamette and Oswego, N Willamette and Interstate, Mt. Scott, SE 96th and Powell, SW 27th and Nevada, Arlington, NW Monte Vista, 2787 SW Talbot, Willamette Heights, .