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1971 Aerial Survey Prints: Flight RE26B

Thursday, September 16, 1971



Aerials from flight through the western Portland metro area, beginning at Hayden Island and continuing though St Johns, Cathedral Park, University Park, Northwest Industrial Waterfront, Sylvan-Highlands, Southwest Hills, Bridlemile, Hayhurst, Maplewood, Ashcreek, and Far Southwest, ending at the intersection of Hwy 217 and I-5 and the Westlake Neighborhood. Also visible are the SW Vancouver waterfront, North Portland Harbor, log rafts, Bybee Lake, Smith Lake, Columbia Slough, N Columbia Rd, the eastern portion of Pier Park (RE26B-17), George Middle School (RE26B-17), George Park (RE26B-17), St Johns Park (RE26B-15, RE26B-17), Roosevelt High School (RE26B-15), Northgate Park (RE26B-15), McKenna Park (RE26B-15), Astor Elementary School (RE26B-15), Portsmouth Park (RE26B-15), University of Portland (RE26B-13, RE26B-15), Burlington North Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad Bridge 5.1, western portion of Swan Island, Willamette River, Northwest Industrial Waterfront, railroad tracks, NW St Helens Rd, Pittock Bird Sanctuary, NW Cornell Rd, Mt Calvary Cemetery (RE26B-9), East Sylvan Middle School (RE26B-9), SW Scholls Ferry Rd, US Route 26, Fanno Creek Natural Area (RE26B-7), Thomas Park (RE26B-7), Bridlemile Elementary School (RE26B-7), Hamilton Park (RE26B-7), SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy (Hwy 10), Alpenrose Dairy (RE26B-5), Pendleton Park (RE26B-5), Hayhurst Elementary School (RE26B-5), Gabriel Park (RE26B-5), April Hill Park (RE26B-5), West Hills Health and Rehab Center (RE26B-5), SW Oleson Rd, SW Multnomah Blvd, SW Garden Home Rd, Woods Memorial Natural Area (RE26B-3), Markham Elementary School (RE26B-3), Dickinson Park (RE26B-3), Dickinson Woods (RE26B-3), I5, Portland Community College Sylvania Campus (RE26B-1), and Lesser City Park (RE26B-1). RE26B-1, RE26B-3, RE26B-5, RE26B-7, RE26B-9, RE26B-11, RE26B-13, RE26B-15, RE26B-17, RE26B-19, RE26B-20

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