Archival Photo Folder

1971 Aerial Survey Prints: Flight 24

Saturday, July 3, 1971



Aerials from flight through the western Portland metro area, beginning at the SE Sauvie Island and continuing through St Johns, Cathedral Park, Forest Park, Northwest Heights, West Haven-Sylvan, Cedar Hills, West Slope, Beaverton, Raleigh Hills, Garden Home-Whitford, Metzger, and Tigard. Also visible are Belle Vue Point Park, Kelly Point Park, the confluence of the Columbia River and the Willamette River, the western portion of Bybee Lake, Smith and Bybee Lakes Wildlife Area, St Johns Waterfront, Port of Portland Terminal 4, Chimney Park (24-38), Pier Park (24-38), Sitton Elementary School (24-38), St Johns Bridge (24-36), NW St Helens Rd, US Route 30, Skyline Memorial Gardens (24-32), NW Skyline Blvd, NW Cornell Rd, NW Miller Rd, Roger Tilbury Memorial Park (24-30), West Tualatin View Elementary (24-38), St Vincent Hospital (24-28), US Route 26, West Sylvan Park (24-28), Ridgewood Elementary School (24-28), McMillian Park (24-26), Thomas A Edison High School (24-26), Hwy 217, Portland Golf Club (24-24), Vista Brook Park (24-24), Garden Home Park (24-24), Redtail Golf Course, Whitford Middle School (24-24), SW Scholls Ferry Rd, SW Oleson Rd, and Crescent Grove Cemetery (24-21, 24-22). 24-21, 24-22, 24-24, 24-26, 24-28, 24-30, 24-32, 24-34, 24-36, 24-38, 24-40, 24-42

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