Archival Photo

A2011-001.259 : New United States Navy vessels

Tuesday, December 31, 1895



This photo shows the comparative dimensions of the newly built Naval vessels. In the photo are the USS Iowa, USS Indiana, USS Brooklyn, USS Maine, USS Ericsson, USS New York, USS Columbia, USS Newark, USS Charleston, USS Montgomery, USS Marblehead, USS Olympia, USS Bennington, USS Bancroft, USS Concord, USS Amphitrite, USS No. 2, USS Dolphin, USS Puritan and USS Detroit. The No. 2 vessel most closely resembles a torpedo boat, much like the USS Ericsson in the same picture. Before 1920 the names and abbreviations for the Navy vessels were informal and non standardized. For example they were named Cruiser No. 1 or Armored Cruiser No. 1 or Scout Cruiser No. 1. These Naval vessels were all built between 1884 and 1894, with many of them being decommissioned in the early 1920's.