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Title A2005-001.715 : W Burnside St and SW Alder St channelization construction between SW 18th Ave and SW 19th Ave
Record Number Archival Photo AP/6024
Record Date 12/31/1939
Container Archival Box - Public Works Administration (Archival) - Public Works Administrator - Photographs - Traffic Engineering : A - W, B - S, 1st - 82nd and Various
PARC Accession A2005-001


Circa date. Photograph shows workers constructing traffic island. Pedestrian, vehicles and businesses visible in image. Negative : 1386.6 Organization : Stadium Tavern ; DeLuxe Shoe Shine ; Sam's Hand Laundry Keyword : Coca Cola sign ; Columbia Beer truck


Media DetailSepia
Photo/Film Format5 X 7

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Size 287 KB
Document Type JPEG Image

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