Title August 15, 2013 LU 13-147922 DZM AD - Final Findings and Decision by the Design Commission
Record Number E-Document 13/ED/44437
Record Date 6/17/2013 6:45 AM
Container E-Folder - Bureau of Development Services - Design Commission - Minutes, Agendas, Exhibits, and Staff Reports - LU 13-147922 DZM AD - Janey II - Reports


APPLICANT: Marcus Lima, GBD Architects ADDRESS: 315-317 NW 11th Ave Type III Design Review for a new eight-story mixed use building with 62 apartments, ground floor retail, indoor parking for 43 cars, with concurrent Modifications to Ground Floor Window and Ground Floor Active Use standards, as well as an Adjustment to allow garage access onto NW 11th Avenue.

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