Hillsdale Plan Process Document
Hillsdale Plan Proposals
Hales Campaign White Paper
Funding : Transportation and Growth Management Grant
Funding Team Notes
Hillsdale Vision Group F - H
Friends of Terwilliger and Friends of Marquam Nature Park
Friends of Fairmount
Flyers and Letterhead
Field Trips : Seattle and Cannon Beach
Fans of Fanno Creek
Community Planning Process
Coalition for a Livable Future
CMAQ - TOD Program
Chronology and IRS Application
Capital Improvement Program
Burying Utilities
Bicycle Transportation Alliance
Bicycle Transportation Alliance
Bicycle Master Plan
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Alliance of Portland Neighborhood Business Associations
Hillsdale Vision Group A - F
3232 : NE Russell St : NE Williams Ave - NE Martin Luther King Blvd
3230 : SE 9th Ave and SE Main St
3229 : N Concord Ave : N Skidmore St - N Prescott St
3225 : SW Gaines St - SW Bancroft St : SW 6th Ave - SW 11th Ave
3220 : NE 62nd Ave and NE Halsey St
3213 : N Fairhaven Ave : N Smith St - N Fessenden St
3206 : SW 18th Pl - SW 19th Dr : SW Tyrol St - SW Seymour Dr
3205 : SW Hamilton St and SW 47th Ave
3201 : SW 40th Ave and SW Marigold St
3184 : SW Ladd Ave - SE Cypress Ave : SE Hemlock Ave - SE 12th Ave
3184 : SW 55th Dr
3170 : 92nd and Flavel
3162-3 : NE 11th Ave - NE 21st Ave : NE Argyle St - NE Lombard Pl
Black Artists
Litigation - Attorney William Muir Clarification - New City Charter
Litigation - Appointment of Deputy Attorney Lauderson Reed
Nuisances -
Litigation - Petitions for Payments of Court Costs
Albina Mural Project Restoration
Licenses - Liquor - Remonstrance - Ordinance Regulating Liquor and Cigarettes
Litigation - City Attorneys Reports of Cases Against the City
Licenses - Liquor - Petition to Amend Ordinance 7133 , Amendment and Protest